• Personalized Consultation: We take the time to understand your unique situation and provide tailored advice to meet your needs.

  • Document Preparation: Our team assists you in gathering and preparing all necessary documents, ensuring your application is complete and accurate.

  • Application Submission: We handle the submission of your application, minimizing the risk of delays or errors.



We understand that plans can change, and sometimes you need more time to enjoy everything Canada has to offer. Whether you’re looking to extend your stay, change your status, or obtain a visitor record, our dedicated team is here to help you navigate the process with ease and confidence. We know that dealing with immigration paperwork can be daunting, especially when you’re far from home. That’s why we offer a personalized and compassionate approach to ensure your experience is as stress-free as possible. Our goal is to help you stay in Canada longer, so you can continue making memories and pursuing your dreams.

Whether you need more time to explore Canada, visit family, or pursue new opportunities, Francis Immigration Services is here to help. Let us take care of the details so you can focus on enjoying your time in this beautiful country.


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